GiftCharity™ Goals

Many mid-sized and smaller organizations have a Board of Directors, special friends and major donors who are willing to make a property gift or planned gift to the GiftCharity. However, the GiftCharity generally does not have the resources of larger charities with mature planned giving programs.

What is a reasonable level of gifts received in a mature program? Many large charities set a goal of receiving 25% of total gifts from planned gifts within a decade. Because charities frequently do not have the staff or marketing program for planned gifts, these organizations frequently have the donors who are willing to give the 25% through planned gifts and bequests, but fail to close the gifts. Therefore, they often receive only 2% to 4% of budget from planned gifts.

The GiftCharity program pairs charities with a GiftLegacy Pro user (parent). GiftCharities may be a group of five to seven, but could also be a larger group of 100 or even 200 for a national organization. Generally, national charities with chapters, community foundations with affiliated organizations, universities, medical centers and most religious foundations have a relationship with charities that works well for the GiftCharity Gift Marketing System.

There are five specific goals producing bequests and planned gifts through the GiftCharity Program. These include the following:

  1. Simple to understand electronic and print marketing
  2. Easy implementation
  3. No requirement for extensive education
  4. Very reasonable cost - $250
  5. Potential for raising substantial bequests

The GiftCharity Program is designed to fulfill all of these goals and objectives. It relies on a GiftLegacy Pro user (parent) who is willing to provide assistance to the charities. The donors to the charities have access through a web page and weekly e-newsletters to the parents website.

This is a cooperative program between a GiftLegacy Pro user and the GiftCharity. Many GiftCharities will significantly increase their planned gifts as a result of this marketing program.